How to enter the EU market and get a grant for trademark registration?

The European market is attractive for business due to its stability and number of consumers, every entrepreneur wants to take his place on it. But entering a new market is always accompanied by large costs. This is what stops many businessmen.

It should be noted that there are many grant programs in the EU that make life easier for entrepreneurs. Such grant programs are becoming available for Ukrainian small and medium-sized companies. One such program is the SME fund 2024. This grant program compensates up to 75% of the costs associated with the registration of intellectual property objects. We suggest you consider this program in more detail.

The SME Fund 2024 grant program was initiated by the European Commission and is implemented by the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). She started work on January 22, 2024.

The purpose of the program is to increase the understanding of intellectual property as a valuable intangible asset, to realize the need for a qualitatively new approach to the development of IP culture and to promote the involvement of European and Ukrainian SMEs not only in the European, but also in the world economic market.

What is the amount of compensation and which objects of intellectual property fall under the conditions of the program?

  1. 75% of the fees charged by EU countries for the registration of trademarks and industrial designs (but not more than €1,000).
  2. 50% of fees for international registration of trademarks and industrial designs through WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization);
  3. 75% of the fees charged by national patent offices and the EPO for patent registration (but not more than €3,500).

To understand how the grant program works in practice, we turned to the Patent Agency "Profitmark". The service helps to register an EU trademark and issue a grant for receiving compensation under this program.

According to "Profitmark" specialists, the most popular object for obtaining a grant is the EU trademark.

We have collected the most important details about receiving a grant:

  • valid in all EU countries;
  • optimal cost;
  • simple procedure;
  • quick registration: 4-5 months.

The cost of compensation depends on the number of goods and services. How much is it?

Compensation under the grant program is 75% of the fee for submitting an application for EU trademark registration. Accordingly, the return is:

  • for one class (type of activity) €637;
  • for two classes (types of activities) €675;
  • for three classes (types of activity) 787€.

Formalities for obtaining a grant

To participate in the SME fund 24 grant program, the following documents must be submitted:

  • an extract from the registration of a sole proprietorship or a legal entity;
  • a certificate of opening a bank account in euros.

The procedure for obtaining a grant

  • submission of documents for obtaining a grant;
  • consideration of documents by the fund (takes approximately 15 working days);
  • grant confirmation;
  • filing an application for trademark registration;
  • payment of compensation by the Fund to the Applicant's account (approximately 30 days from the moment of submitting the application).

How many trademarks can one person register under the grant?

The maximum grant compensation per person is €1,000. Accordingly, if €637 was compensated for one trademark, €363 will be compensated for the second trademark.

The company Profitmark has developed a special site for registering an EU trademark under the grant program

Step 1. Checking the trademark. To check a trademark, it is necessary to enter the name and indicate the type of activity (class of goods and services).

Step 2. Risk assessment. The system will prepare a report for you and indicate the risks of receiving an objection, if any.

Step 3. Form filling and payment. It is necessary to enter the data of the future trademark owner and create a personal account on the website.

Any questions about receiving a grant and applying for EU trademark registration can be asked in the chat. You can join the participants of the grant program by following the link.